Family perks

Designed by clinicians, for clinicians.

Sirenum Rewards

By listening to and understanding what really matters to you, we have developed a benefits package that offers you the monetary rewards that you asked for. You’ll automatically build up points on Sirenum for simply working your shifts, promptly clocking in and out and taking part in mandatory and other in-house training.  

More information on Sirenum Rewards here.

We’ll also recognise your contributions through our ‘clinician of the month’ voted for internally by your colleagues (winner will receive £25) and for exceptional recognition we receive about you from our clients (£50 reward).

Other perks include Life’s Big Moments, Car Share Scheme and every year one lucky clinician will win a mini break for their outstanding contribution!

To find out more about our Refer a Friend Scheme contact the Clinician Care Team.

Family Perks is for all of our clinicians, wherever you work across the Group.

Sirenum Rewards

The more shifts you sign up for, getting to and from work on time and getting involved in extra training gives you a chance to earn points and points means a little extra money in your back pocket.
This is how it works

You can gain points for:

  • Each published shift = 3 points
  • Clocking in using the app within in the 15-minute window = 1 point
  • Clocking out using the app within the 15-minute window = 1 point
  • Each mandatory training module (on date updated by compliance) = 30 points (there are 11 trainings required by all clients including manual handling, basic and immediate life support and nine other mandatory modules)
  • Non mandatory training = 50 points
  • When clients send us good written feedback = 50 bonus points
  • Attending any other in-house training = 30 points
  • Points can also be deducted*

Milestones are:

  • 1000 points = £25
  • 1200 points = £50
  • 1400 points = £75
  • 1600 points = £100
  • 1800 points = £125
  • 2000 points = £150

When you hit a milestone you can either redeem your reward or carry on earning your points until you reach the next milestone. We’ll let you know when you’ve reached a milestone. 

Please note: all points that you have accrued will be backdated from 01/01/2021

*Points will be deducted for cancelling a shift when the reason is ‘clinician cannot work this shift’ (-3) not clocked in yourself (-1) not clocked out yourself (-1) each training is out of date (-30) made inactive by compliance (all points lost and you’ll start again).

Car Share Scheme

Do you drive to work, want to earn extra rewards and help others? Or maybe you don’t drive and would really benefit from sharing lifts so you’re able to pick more shifts?

If you drive to work or are looking to share lifts sign up to our Care Share Scheme.

As a driver you’ll receive a £60 voucher for every 8 lifts you give (to be used at a supermarket of your choice for groceries or fuel) plus you’ll be helping other clinicians who might struggle otherwise getting to and from work and/or gaining more work. If you’ve received a voucher from us every month for a year (12 months in a row) you will be entitled to a free MOT and if you’ve exceeded 12,000 miles* you can choose to receive a free service instead.

And, you’ll both be doing your bit for the planet by reducing our carbon footprint.

If you’re a driver this is what you need to do: 
  • Fill out this agreement. You will need to agree to comply with government PPE guidance during the Covid 19 pandemic
  • Whenever you agree to give a fellow clinician a lift to and from their shift, you must fill out a car share form and upload these to your contact page on Sirenum
  • *When you sign up to our Car Share Scheme take a photo (on your phone) of your starting mileage and when you reach 12,000 miles. We’ll then add up how many miles you have travelled to and from shifts and deduct the difference, giving us a total of how many miles you’ve travelled for work.
If you’re receiving lifts to and from your shifts:
  • Fill out this agreement. You will need to agree to comply with government PPE guidance during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Life’s Big Moments

You’ll receive a gift for Life’s Big Moments, for example when you buy your first house or if you’re having a milestone birthday.

Big life moments include:

  • Buying your first home
  • Graduating from University
  • Having a baby
  • Becoming a qualified nurse
  • Getting married
  • A milestone birthday

You will receive a gift between the value of £20 – £40 dependant on how many years you have been with the Group.